Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Honeymoon {in Review} pt. 2

Continued from Part 1

Our honeymoon was the trip of a lifetime. While we were in San Diego over Christmas in 2012, Graham and I decided that we would take a road trip for our honeymoon, knowing we would enjoy the freedom it offered, and give us the ability to see so much. We figured that once we have A LOT of babies, a road trip won't be as appealing and that a tropical vacation could be taken at any time.

Our planning didn't begin until mid-March (yes, we're last minute, we know), and even then, we didn't plan much. Our goal was to make it to the Pacific North West, but enjoy as many places as possible on our way there and back.

The result of our honeymoon was 12 states in 13 days, and well over 5,000 miles.. America is beautiful, and this is how we explored it.

Day 2 - Monday, June 3

We stayed in a little town called Greensburg, Kansas our first night. Over 90% of the town was destroyed after an EF5 tornado passed through in May, 2007. When Greensburg decided to rebuild, they did so in an entirely green and eco friendly way. It's a pretty neat town and story, to read more about it click here.

This picture is inside Greensburg's Big Well, the largest hand dug well.

For lunch we stopped and had a picnic at the Monument Rocks in Central Kansas. These "rocks" were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded entirely by flat land. Pictures hardly do the Monument Rocks justice but here they are!

We arrived in Boulder, Colorado by the end of the 2nd night and spent some time with one of my husband's brothers before heading north in the morning.

Day 3 - Tuesday, June 4th
We left early that morning for Wyoming. Our first stop was in Cheyenne for an oil change and a little exploring =). Cheyenne is a cute historic town that I definitely recommend seeing!!

Wyoming was truly beautiful, the picture below is one of our favorites. The photo below was taken near Thermopolis, WY, the town we stayed in on night three.


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