Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project DIY: Fall Letters

When I first made these fall letters several weeks ago, I wasn't too sure if I thought they were adorable (as I had, of course, envisioned they would be) or if they were just another craft fail. When I decorated our house for fall this past weekend I used these letters as part of our living room vingette (that sounds fancy-really it's just the stand under our TV in the living room that serves as one of my main decorating areas throughout the year).

This cost project cost me about $8.00 at Hobby Lobby, but I already had the glue gun and glue sticks on hand. Also, I purchased the letters when they were 50% off, which is usually every other week. To check what products they have on sale currently visit their website here.

What you'll need:

  • 8" chipboard letters
  • 1 roll of natural jute twine
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks

How to:

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get pictures of the process of how I did this (I've only got two hands!), but it was relatively easy. I started on the back side of the letters. Put a small strip of glue on the letter and then place the jute on top of it, holding it for a few seconds to secure it in place. Then begin the process of wrapping your letter, using small strips of glue to secure the jute as you work your way around. There may be times when you need to cut the jute (for example, the triangle part of the 'A'). All I did in those spots was cut a small piece of jute, the depth of the area you need it to cover, and glue it to the letter. Continue this process, with small pieces of jute, to cover that part of the letter. I hope that makes sense! It was easier to do than explain =)

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  1. Great idea and it turned out fantastic! Love the rustic-ness of the jute on the letters!


  2. Very cute! The warm rustic feel is perfect for fall!